Advertisements appear in full color in our production showbills and on our website. Our program booklets measure 5.5” x 8.5”, and are given to every audience member in our shows—a total audience of hundreds of people. Donations are tax-deductible, and receipts are made available for all advertisers. This presents a tremendous opportunity for area businesses and organizations to advertise to people from both Sanger and area communities and become known as supporters of Sanger’s burgeoning arts programs at a competitive rate.

Should you desire to place an advertisement in our production showbills (which also goes on our website), the prices are as follows:

  • Business name listing           $40
  • ¼ Page (2.45" x 3.95")         $100
  • ½ Page (5" x 3.95")              $150
  • Full Inside Page (5" x 8")     $250
  • Full Back Cover (5" x 8")     $400

Ads are purchased per production. All showbills are printed in full color. Ads are located in the showbill on a first-received, first-placed basis. Your information as a donor will be placed on the website when your order is received, but your order (including artwork) must be received by May 13th, 2016, to appear in the showbill for our June 2016 production.

Accepted file formats are .pdf, .jpg, and .png. Please ensure that your graphics are 300 dpi or greater, flatten all layered files and outline/render/embed all fonts and links, and check that your file does not exceed 25 MB. For the most accurate printing, ensure that your ad is submitted in CMYK color space. Bear in mind that it’s best if you ensure that the content of your ad fits within the dimensions specified above to prevent important information getting lost on another page.