Founded in 2015, Blossom Trail Players is the Central Valley's premier new community theatre organization.


Based in Sanger, California, the Blossom Trail Players (or "BTP" for short) has been an organization in the making for the past three years. Founded by theatre enthusiasts, professionals and educators through the support of Sanger Unified School District, the BTP are focused on theatre performance, education, and community enrichment. With the growth of performing arts programs throughout the schools and in the community, we felt the time was right for Sanger to have its own community theatre program to allow those whom have come through Sanger's schools and those whom have made Sanger their home the opportunity to participate in live theatre in with an organization closer to home. 



THE MISSION OF THE BLOSSOM TRAIL PLAYERS is to (1) present an outlet for performers and creatives of all ages and backgrounds to exercise their artistic muscle through the means of musical theatre; (2) provide training and educational opportunities to those interested in learning more about the theatrical arts; and (3) connect the community of Sanger and outlying towns to and through the theatrical arts and offer exposure to the culture of theatre, thereby offering cultural growth and enrichment for the town at large.

This will be accomplished by focusing on five tenets:

    1.    PERFORMANCE. Theatre is nothing without performance. The BTP will present theatrical productions as much as is practically possible in effort to execute its Mission Statement, particularly to provide entertainment to the community and to provide performance opportunities for participants.

    2.    EDUCATION. Through conducting workshops/clinics, developing classes, and appointing experienced individuals and professionals to creative staff positions for productions, the BTP will afford participants opportunities to learn more about the art form and to develop their skills in performance/production.

    3.    ARTISTRY. The BTP will commit to always seek out creative, fresh approaches to productions (and problems that may arise during the course of a production) and educational events. To borrow a couple common idioms, the BTP will not seek to reinvent the wheel for the sake of it, but will not necessarily follow paths previously laid.

    4.    CULTIVATION OF COMMUNITY. Through a continuously expanding network of patrons, sponsors, performers, creatives, and other theatre enthusiasts, the BTP will develop a close-knit group of individuals and organizations whom share a common interest in the theatre arts and in executing the mission of the BTP as laid out above.

    5.    ENRICHMENT. The BTP will endeavor to find unique, novel opportunities and/or methods to introduce the culture of theatre and community theatre to the community of Sanger, including outreach efforts to local schools and community groups, thereby enriching the cultural landscape of the community.